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BEES UK is a social enterprise that provides innovative educational environments and experiences for people of all ages to help them rebuild confidence and self-esteem and engage with lifelong learning.

Our team at BEES UK understands that not every young person fits the academic model created by the National Curriculum. Regardless of ability, there are those for whom a classroom feels like a crucible and who become marginalised by the prescriptive nature of mainstream education.

BEES UK works to re-engage these people by creating environments that better match their learning styles. Through co-curricular projects such as business enterprise, animal care, fishing and foraging, and aquaponics, young people are empowered and inspired to unlock their creativity.

Based in the bucolic grounds of a farm in Plympton, BEES UK works with schools across the city, as well as businesses and families. With a mission to create sustainable change, it has a proud record of achieving inspirational breakthroughs where traditional methods have failed.

Under the BEES UK umbrella, there are a number of subsidiary outfits, including Egg-Ed, Hook it and Cook it, and Kula Culture CIC. Through the pages of this website, you can find out more about how each one of these companies contributes to our vision of social mobility and sustainable communities.

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